About Christy

Christy has dedicated her life as an artist to capturing the energy of life's simple moments and the precious beauty of nature

Inspired by nature

I have always loved to draw and paint. As a young child I don't remember having sketch books so I would hunt around the house for paper to use, raiding my Dad's closet and confiscating the white cardboard lining that came with his dry cleaned shirts.  We weren't allowed to watch much TV, and computers and video games didn't exist yet. I spent most of my days outside exploring nearby creeks, ponds, and parks, fostering my love of nature.  When Mother dragged me back home I would spend hours sketching memories of the day and collected treasures -acorns, pinecones, flowers, etc.

My watercolor painting career got started later in life after raising three active boys. The creative urge was always simmering, hoping to someday have more time for art. I had a little dream that maybe people would even buy some pieces. Then SOMEDAY came when a milestone birthday creeped up and panic set in!  What if I became ill and NEVER got to fulfill my dream to paint? With my husband's support I quit my job and threw myself into painting.  I took workshops with artists whose style I admired and spent many hours practicing and learning loose and spontaneous watercolor techniques.  Within a year I had my first art show in the same park I grew up in with a few framed paintings and notecards in Ziploc baggies. A few people bought my notecards and I was completely thrilled.

A lot more has happened since then.  My art evolved as I kept at it; I participated in more art fairs and gained a following.  (My packaging became a lot more professional :0 ) Customers often buy or commission my artwork for profound and emotional reasons. The hummingbirds, cardinals, and foxes sometimes represent a loved one's spirit animal.  Other images portray hope, sympathy, or a fond memory.  I now exhibit in galleries, and teach workshops locally.  The child that loved the outdoors lives on in my heart every day.

Now the online world makes it lovely to share my artwork with others around the globe. It's so very nice to meet you all here.